Banking Customer

BOS Security has done an outstanding job and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Higher Education & Sporting Events

The management of BOS Security has the respect of law enforcement leaders and businesses in Northeast Georgia.  The continuous effort to assist law enforcement and provide quality security are the hallmark of the efforts of BOS Security.  I therefore feel that BOS Security is worthy of consideration for security of business and public entities throughout… Read More

US Army TRADOC Headquarters

Their Officers have established their reputation as professional, knowledgeable and courteous in their duties.  I recommend BOS Security for consideration as your guard services provider.

Dept of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration

Their team is knowledgeable and professional in carrying out their duties as well as dealing with the flying public on a daily basis.  They are attentive to the TSA Standard Operating Procedures to insure the safety of the nation’s air system.  The BOS Team consistently performs extremely well on their test assessments as well as… Read More