What You Need To Know About Intruder Alarms And Business Surveillance Systems

Making your business safer for staff and customers is always important. The hard part is figuring out the best options. Many businesses use intruder alarms and/or business surveillance systems. However, it’s crucial to understand what type of protection these options provide. In some cases, you may need more security than what one, the other or… Read More

Clearing Airport Security As Fast As Possible – 5 Handy Tips

Today we’re going to go through a few handy tips for the travelling public. We hope that these tips make life easier for you and your family on your next trip the airport and to illustrate some of the things airport security do to protect you every day. Ensure You Have Any Required Paperwork Ready… Read More

Tools Of The Trade – Equipment Your Security Officers Might Use

If you’ve ever wondered what the tools of the trade are for security officers you’ve come the right place to find out. While the items carried by a security officer depends on the nature of their position there’s some common things you’ll find in the profession. It may come as a surprise to some but… Read More

Why Security Is Necessary For Your Building

Having security for your business or operation is paramount, protecting against crime and theft is just a part of what a good security service should offer you, consider the risks you are exposed to, example being a small retail business is mostly at risk from petty theft and small crimes, while a large government or… Read More

Corporate Security Issues Are Not Always About The Physical Threat

Let’s look at the issues targeting corporate and government environments that represent a real security threat to the organization without posing immediate physical threat, inside this realm there are still areas where your physical security presence will work hand in hand with the information technology security. The Cyber Threat Becoming more important by the day… Read More

Why A Security Needs Assessment Will Provide You Long Term Security

There’s no doubt the benefits provided with a security needs assessment are vast and can contribute to your long term security needs. Fully understanding your security requirements and any ins and outs of your specific location and situation means your security is tailored to your situation. Reducing Your Risks If you have a long term… Read More

Ebola security panic mitigated with guard tour patrol system

The greatest threat to our national security right now is not ISIS or a resurgence of Communism in Eastern Europe, and it’s not even Ebola – it’s fear. The virulence of this terrible virus is hitting home with six cases currently being treated in the United States. The CDC insists that hospitals and airports are following… Read More