7 Reasons To Promote Security In The Workplace

With everything that goes on in your business, sometimes security measures may fall by the wayside. You may have a camera or two, but not much else. When you promote security in the workplace, you’re creating a safer environment for your employees and any clients/customers that come in. If you’re on the fence about adding… Read More

Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Officers

As a modern security officer is a diverse role requiring the officer to have up to date knowledge in many related fields around protocol and technology. They also need to have a fair level of skills in communicating and dealing with people in a compassionate manner. Not to mention they’re often put into situations and… Read More

Why Security Is Necessary For Your Building

Having security for your business or operation is paramount, protecting against crime and theft is just a part of what a good security service should offer you, consider the risks you are exposed to, example being a small retail business is mostly at risk from petty theft and small crimes, while a large government or… Read More

5 Attributes That Could Help Your Security Career

As a security professional, there are certain personal attributes that will benefit you greatly in your security career. An effective Security Officer is honest, alert, physically fit, good at interacting with people, and possesses the ability to tailor their protection to the needs of the client. At BOS Security many of our security officers are current or… Read More

7 Security Services That Will Give You Peace Of Mind

A full-service and professional security service can be many things to a business. A security service is a safeguard between acts of crime and your business, customers, and employees — a representation of your business to the outside world — and a security service is an assurance to yourself and your business partners that your… Read More

Professional Security Means Better Customer Service

A professional Security Officer can bring many advantages to a company, and some of those advantages are not as obvious as you might think. Everyone knows that a Security Officer is there to protect the people, property, and business they serve. But a Security Officer should also serve as a helpful aid and center of… Read More

How To Choose The Right Type Of Security For Your Small Business

Every business is different, so it makes sense that every BOS Security solution is different and varies depending on the company. For small businesses, on-site Security Officers can be lifesavers, literally, and can also help reduce insurance costs, prevent crime, and provide a safe work space. As a small business owner, you pour your heart… Read More

Do Security Guards Prevent Crime?

One of the main reasons people install any security system is prevention. While a security camera might capture images of thieves, its primary job is to let people know they’re being watched. The same is true of security guards; they’re primarily there to observe, and to help deter crime. But do they? Guards Are Like Cameras,… Read More

Security Requirements for Class A Office Space

Determining what security solutions are right for your business has a lot to do with what kind of space your business inhabits. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association, Class A office buildings are the most prestigious buildings in an area, competing for premier office tenants with higher than average rents. What determines a… Read More