Evaluate Your Remote Guarding Options By Doing These 6 Things

You have numerous remote guarding options to choose from, but how do you pick the right one? By using a few simple criteria, it’s easy to evaluate your options and choose the best one for your business needs. As with most services, some obviously stand out from the rest. Whether you’re opting for remote guarding… Read More

5 Reasons Remote Guarding Should Be Considered

If you’re not already using remote guarding, it’s the perfect time to add it as a security solution. Remote guarding involves having someone monitoring your security cameras remotely. These guards are able to alert authorities or your business if they see something suspicious. Even if you’re using other security methods, having this extra layer does make… Read More

Remote Guarding In The Atlanta Area – Is It Right For You?

Here at BOS Security we like to tailor our security solution directly to the needs of your organization. This sometimes means there’s no need for a boots on the ground approach in every situation or at all times. Being able to provide security remotely is a viable option for many locations and organizations. BOS Security… Read More

Why There’s A Genuine Revolution In Remote Guarding

The reason for the revolution in remote guarding we’ve seen over the past 5 years or so is a technological one. Like so many areas of our lives today the rapid increase in the technology available has enabled security services to monitor security from a remote location like never before. Going into a little more… Read More