What You Need To Know About Intruder Alarms And Business Surveillance Systems

Making your business safer for staff and customers is always important. The hard part is figuring out the best options. Many businesses use intruder alarms and/or business surveillance systems. However, it’s crucial to understand what type of protection these options provide. In some cases, you may need more security than what one, the other or… Read More

What To Consider When Choosing An Office Security System

Picking an office security system isn’t as easy as picking the most expensive or cheapest. What’s most important is the type of security involved. Your first thought might be to simply install a few sensors and cameras, but that may not be enough. In fact, the best security system involves a security company with trained… Read More

5 Ways To Increase Your Security Efficiency With Remote Guarding

Since remote guarding services are rising fast in popularity in the USA there’s always some great information you’ll need to help you utilize this great technology in your security services solutions. In this update we’re going to cover 5 great ways you can take on remote guarding solutions. It’s often stated that remote guarding is… Read More

3 Key Reasons Why Remote Guarding Is Rising In Popularity

Not every security situation requires having officers on the ground, there’s a rise in popularity of security services offering a security solution that involves either completely remote monitoring or a mixture of both on site and remote monitoring. Cost Effective Solution One crucial benefit to having remote guarding in place for some facilities is the… Read More

Create New Value By Using Remote Video Surveillance

It may surprise you to know that that security services industry is growing at around 4-7% per year (2014 figures) which is solid growth by international standards for most business types, especially in the sometimes difficult situation in the economy. This illustrates well the fact that offices and businesses need the security more than ever,… Read More