BOS Security Officers stand their Post in any weather

Atlanta, Ga – Neither sub freezing temperatures, ice, or snow kept BOS Security Officers from their POSTS. The recent frigid weather sweeping across the US brought temperatures in the teens and several inches of snow quickly turning to ice especially in the north Georgia area. Schools and businesses closed for several days while roads were… Read More

The Benefits Of Securing Your Business With BOS

If you’ve never considered security beyond cameras, it might be time to re-think your security strategy. Rising security incidents mean you might need a partner to help reduce problems and provide a stronger layer of security than surveillance alone. Our Atlanta based security company is here to meet the needs of a wide variety of… Read More

Hire a Security Guard Now and Enjoy an Outstanding Relationship for the Long Run

Although businesses do not experience theft or danger on a regular basis, you cannot use this as an excuse to avoid hiring a security guard, especially when you have enough business funds available. While you might think of a security guard as a way to prevent criminal activity from happening, these professionals can become a… Read More

Should I Include a 24 Hour Security Guard As Part Of My Company Team?

Atlanta, Georgia – Are you concerned about incidents happening at your business after hours? Have you already had to deal with break-ins or vandalism that happened after your team went home for the night? Then you should consider adding a 24 hour security guard to your team. Keep Your Business Safe Even When Your Not… Read More