Top Tips for Entering the World of Airport Security

Airport security is vital and satisfying work, and jobs are always in demand. Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) is no exception. Like every other airport, we employ trained security workers, also known as Airport Security Screeners or Transportation Security Officers. These positions are important homeland security jobs, and those who take them on have the responsibility… Read More

Homeland Security Department Renews SAFETY Act Designation for BOS Security

US Department of Homeland Security today renewed BOS Security’s Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology for our service to the nation as a provider of Airport Passenger and Baggage Screening Services.  Since 2009, BOS has protected the nation’s passenger air transport systems and today has Officers serving in airports in New Mexico, Mississippi and South… Read More

7 Airline Jobs You Can Outsource To External Security Guards

Airport security is vital in keeping airline staff and the thousands of passengers that pass through airports safe and secure. Security personnel are located throughout the airport at various points for optimal security. Security is an even bigger focus since 9/11. To meet security demands while still providing excellent customer service, some airlines are choosing… Read More

Airport CCTV – Who Watches The Monitors

You probably already have airport CCTV, but who watches the monitors? For some airports, the CCTV is more about having something to look at only when they need it instead of proactively monitoring for threats. You have a powerful tool at your disposal if used properly. All you need is trusted security to watch the… Read More

5 Security Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Rural Airport

Just because your airport is small or rural doesn’t mean it won’t attract the kind of security hazards and threats that are commonly seen at larger airports. The fact is that smuggling operations can focus on smaller airports. Flying under the radar so to speak. That doesn’t mean smaller or regional airports need the same… Read More

Pivotal Roles Played By Airport Security

There’s too many important roles to list in this update, there is however no doubt that airport security plays a pivotal role in keeping us safe. It enables safe transfer of people and belongings to the places they need to be, they also help transport important air cargo around the country safely and hopefully on… Read More

Crisis Certainty – Crisis Training For Airport Security Services

A crisis can occur at any facility, although airports are perhaps the most important piece of public infrastructure there is anywhere in the world. Linking families and friends, businesses and opportunities, the airport is a magnet for security risks of all sorts, be it from terrorism or drug smugglers all the way down to irate… Read More

Clearing Airport Security As Fast As Possible – 5 Handy Tips

Today we’re going to go through a few handy tips for the travelling public. We hope that these tips make life easier for you and your family on your next trip the airport and to illustrate some of the things airport security do to protect you every day. Ensure You Have Any Required Paperwork Ready… Read More

6 Common Airport Mistakes Travelers Should Avoid

While not all airport mistakes are security related, we’ll cover 6 common mistakes people make at the airport. Here’s some important mistakes that the travelling public make frequently and you should do your best to avoid them whenever possible. Not Using The App Provided By Your Carrier Most major carriers in the US have a… Read More

What Does An Airport Security Officer Do?

Often referred to as a Transportation Security Officer, the airport security officer has quite the challenging role in providing security to the traveling people of the whole country. Responsible for meticulous screening of passengers and their luggage required by law to board an airplane in the US. Often present at multiple checkpoints of the airport… Read More