A Security Guard Company That Handles All Its Clients’ Needs

Businesses know they are targets. Whether it’s thieves trying to shoplift, or burglars who will break in after hours to take whatever they can carry away, there’s always a possibility that businesses will be victims of criminals. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, though, which is why savvy business owners seek… Read More

Do Security Guards Prevent Crime?

One of the main reasons people install any security system is prevention. While a security camera might capture images of thieves, its primary job is to let people know they’re being watched. The same is true of┬ásecurity guards; they’re primarily there to observe, and to help deter crime. But do they? Guards Are Like Cameras,… Read More

Hire a Security Guard Now and Enjoy an Outstanding Relationship for the Long Run

Although businesses do not experience theft or danger on a regular basis, you cannot use this as an excuse to avoid hiring a security guard, especially when you have enough business funds available. While you might think of a security guard as a way to prevent criminal activity from happening, these professionals can become a… Read More

The modern day Security Officer: Why being a “security guard” doesn’t cut it

Many people may not know a difference even exists between a security guard and a Security Officer, however, each title has its own connotations. When you think “security guard”, you might conjure the image of a mall cop lazing around, or perhaps a distracted attendant at the gate of a residential neighborhood. However, these days,… Read More

How Your Business Can Benefit By Having An Armed Guard

One of the top priorities of any business is to maintain a sense a security for not only its customers but for its employees, as well. Dangers and crime can be unpredictable, as seen through media on a day-to-day basis, but they also can be prevented if the right measures are taken into effect. Prevention… Read More

Consider a Full-Time Security Guard to Promote a Safer Workplace and Business

With most businesses, security is not that much of a concern for the majority of operational hours. However, it is the small instances in which you need professional assistance that makes having a full-time security guard beneficial. Finding room in your budget to have a security guard can give you a safer workplace and business.… Read More